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The Old Chilton House


Welcome to "The Old Chilton House", a gigantic haunted house I've created just for you! The Old Chilton House is full of Ghosts, Witches, Gargoyles, Monsters and many mysteries you will create as you stare at it on your drawing room wall, or perhaps behind your bar, or over the fireplace in your own Haunted Mansion! This one-of-a kind painting is all you need to decorate seriously decorate your home or office for Halloween! It will be an extraordinary conversation piece for as long as you display it!

I illustrate books, I love "Scary Stories" and I love the atmosphere of the classic ghost, monster and vampire movies and books. Creating this painting was an adventure I'll never forget. I began with a gigantic roll of canvas and a 5 x 8 foot frame. After stretching the canvas I began painting directly on the canvas with no sketches or plans beyond the dream I had of painting an enormous haunted mansion. Hopefully you can get a pretty good idea of what the painting looks like by the pictures I have attached. Some were taken with flash and some by natural light.

The Old Chilton House

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